This exclusive Tōk & Tea Experience Box contains all you need to create a cannabis and tea pairing experience in the comfort of your own home. Each box comes with 3 different types of loose leaf teas and cannabis strain pairing recommendations, and is expertly curated to help you explore this heavenly combination.


Each box contains:

  • Teacup soy candle - Handmade with love by Flesh x Flowers. Each design and teacup is unique.
  • Loose-leaf teas - Each box comes with 3 types of looseleaf tea & cannabis pairing recommendations. Tea flavours are Eucalyptus-Mint, Peach Cocktail and Chai Black.
  • Pre-rolled cones - No need to mess around with rolling joints! Classy, fun and easy-to-pack papers will leave you with more time to enjoy your cannabis experience.
  • Master's Chocolate - We've got your muchies covered with these delectable chocolates made by master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut.
  • Cannabis 101 - A handy little guide to help you get started and set you up for a positive cannabis experience.



*Cannabis sold