Step up your bubble bath game with the Tōk & Soak experience box!


Everything you need to feel relaxed and rejeuvinated. Simply add your own oils to the products in the box,  and settle into a luxurious bath that will leave your skin feeling soft and radiant.


Adding cannabis products to the bath will not  get you high, so this is the perfect box for those wanting to ease into experiencing cannabis.


Each box contains:

  • Soak Life bath bomb & bath pouch - these cannabis-ready bath products will leave your skin feeling silky and will make you feel amazing. Simply add your own oils, toss into the tub and enjoy! 
  • Adorn Rose Lavender toner  -  A wonderful toner for all skin types, it soothes irritated skin and opens the pores to receive the full benefits of whatever moisturizer you use after. It can also be used as a linen spray and room freshener.
  • Pre-rolled cones - No need to mess around with rolling paper! Classy, fun and easy to pack papers will leave you with more time to enjoy yourself.
  • Master's Chocolate - We've got your muchies covered with these delectable chocolates made by master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut.
  • Cannabis 101 - A handy little guide to help you get started and set you up for a successful and positive experience.


**Cannabis not included in experience boxes**



Tōk & Soak